• Diana Joy

NaPoWriMo 16, 2016

I actually did write this yesterday. I just didn't get around to posting it then, and I have forgiven myself for that. This is for the Pedersen family, with love. Especially Bent, Sam, Becky and Alex.

Changing of the Guard

Rummaging through the past

in hushed chaos.


Children’s children.

Childrens’s children’s children.

Pulling stories out of drawers

closets, cupboards, corners.

Photographs by the hundreds.

Plates by the dozens

hanging on the walls.

Knicks knacks,

fridge magnets,

cross stitch wall hangings.

Christmas paper,

books, glassware

cutlery, ashtrays,

placemats, hats,

knitting needles.

Dust of years flies

from boxes revealing

the mystery of their contents.

The place empties

of stuff and fills

with the love of those

who will carry on

in the tender watch of

a new matriarch.

VHS tapes, a travel alarm clock.

“I don’t know how to tell time,”

the youngest boy says.

© 2016 by Right Hand Woman