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  • Diana Joy

NaPoWriMo 24, 2016

Yesterday was another horrible struggle for me. Today was fun though. I spent a little time with my friend Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus. Just a little time, cuz frankly, my buddy there is an enormous rabbit hole. I will revisit this process though. Like I said, it was fun.

Then There Were Words

I went for a wander in the dictionary.

Meandering through words both strange and ordinary.

On a bookshelf a bookworm went boom!

and I fell into a petrochemical.

Usefulness, hmmm, not so much,

but then I found a dosimeter.

Next, I got took to school by a schoolboy.

“Notarize that!” he shouted.

“You are a braggadocio!” I responded.

“Hang on, hang out with me until my hangover goes away?”

“Groovy,” we both agreed.

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