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  • Diana Joy

Ta Da!

Hello Reader. I apologize for not posting as per usual on Monday. My plan was to post when the twenty author copies of my chapbook arrived on Tuesday. I guess I should have posted an "I'm sorry," on Monday, but then I would have had to post another "I'm sorry," on Tuesday. Under Pressure of Service, something went wrong (and no, I didn't get an apology from the courier company) so I feel that I am one short on the apologies to pass along to you. Silly thing, right? (No) Never the less, this is the life of a writer. Two days of anxiety and nausea. My new born out there, who knows where (on the truck, again, I am told). Well, it finally arrived. Here it is in my hot little hand. Stand by for announcements of readings near you. Breathe in, breathe out.

Peace, love, and joy,


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