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  • Diana Joy

Getting lost, or losing it?

Oh, hello there, dear reader. I have found you again. I think I may have found me too. I had a fairly serious meltdown this past Friday. You see, the things we love the most put the most pressure on us. Things like our work. I mean our true life's work, not necessarily what we do for a job, because they can be two very different things. Things like family and loved ones. We can get lost in the care of others and forget to care for ourselves, then we lose it. Right? You've been there, haven't you? I know you have. When you breathe too shallow and occasionally feel like you are going to pass out. When you are not eating right, not sleeping, your body aches and your attention span and functional short term memory are shot. I'm lucky. Really, really lucky. Blessed with the crazy, gentle, generous, love of a very special man, who has the wisdom to let me lose it, because sometimes we just need to go there. Sometimes the bottom is bouncy. Sometimes you land in a poem, and it gives you a little kiss and sends you back up again.

Peace, love, and, joy,


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