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  • Diana Joy


Are you ready to sit down and write in 2017? How did you spend New Year's Eve? I spent mine in a cold, dirty, garage with a couple of 60 year old guys who have survived cancer and open heart surgery and are just really glad to be alive. One my lover, one our friend. Can't say I've ever appreciated New Years Eve more. It snowed all day. The walk home, for me and my lover, was magnificent. All thick and white and quiet and sparkling with the possibilities of a new year. Possibilities. Rejection. I read this a few months ago, and became greatly inspired. When you aim for rejection you cannot be disappointed. The point is, work. Just sit down and work. If you are a writer and you have someone in your life who recognizes what you do as work - all the staring out the window, all the daydreaming, all the weird obsession with grammar, and word play (yes, poets, I'm talking to you), then run with it! And if you are a writer who doesn't have that fuel in your life, then go out and fucking find it. It might be a person, place, or thing. Just embrace what makes you alive. I'm on the rejection train this year. Too hung over today, but gearing up for a rejection program live on this website for 2017. Let's do it together. After all, we are writers, and just a little bit weird for the general population (Poets?). Happy New Year!

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