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  • Diana Joy

Number One

Yes! Success! Rejection letter #1 received on January 29th. I was so excited when it came, because it meant that I had been working. I had been productive. I had crafted a piece of writing to the point that I felt it was worthy of making public and I had put it out there. And it had been recognized. Not published, but looked at, read, considered, and rejected. There are many reasons why submissions are rejected. Sometimes it is because the writing is crappy. But sometimes it is just not the right fit or the right time for the particular publication. Sometimes the publication has received a plethora of worthy work and simply doesn't have room for all the good stuff. Personally, I'm going with that one right now.

So, writers - get to work. Write, write, write. Draft and craft and submit and do it again and again. Your number might not be 100. I don't actually think that mine is. I think I'm really aiming for about 30. You know how life gets. It makes demands on your time and your brain and your hands and your heart. The point is, I am aiming. The goal is inspiring me to make time in my life to do what I love to do. What I need to do. And you need to too.

Peace, love, and joy,


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