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  • Diana Joy

Rejection #3

Thank you for allowing us to spend time with your poems, which were among ~700 other poems we received and read for the spring 2017 issue. Your poems received four readings—one by each of the issue’s editors—but have not been selected. Since we’re writers ourselves, we know from experience that it’s not pleasant hearing that your poems weren’t chosen for publication. We wish you the best of luck in placing your work elsewhere. P.S. We regret we do not currently have the resources to offer editorial feedback on individual submissions.

Dear readers and writers, please note the P.S. Many literary publications run on volunteer engagement often with little or no paid editorial staff. So, please be considerate when submitting your work. Follow all the guidelines and do your research to try to match the piece(s) you are submitting to the themes or needs of the publication. And always accept your rejections with good grace. People have given their time to your work, and that is deserving of your gratitude.

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