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  • Diana Joy

Where the Heart Is

We fall in love with places just like we do with people. You know it's true. But, why? This place where I am, for example is -26 celsius outside right now. My water froze, again, last night. There is ice on the inside of the windows. Even the internet froze yesterday afternoon. It's the kind of cold that can kill you. And yes, I love it here. This place challenges me, physically and mentally. The reckless beauty of it inspires me. I have to cooperate with this place, make an agreement with it. I agree to be alert and prepared and patient and careful and my place, in return, gives me serenity and excitement, wondrous awe and space for my imagination and my soul to play together. What I can do here is only limited by how hard I am willing to work at it. Hmmmm, sounds a lot like my relationship with my lover.

Peace, love and joy,


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