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Progress on the Rejection Trail

Hello Dear Reader. Well, bad news and good news on the rejection trail. Total number of rejections since I started reporting this to you is a rather dismal 14. That is 14 rejections out of 17 submissions. Two are still in progress and one was actually a prize winner! See my "Works" page for that one. So, yes, bad news on the numbers but good news on the percentages. If I can just multiply the numbers then I've got a good thing going here. That's the whole idea in the first place. So, the really good news is that I have finally found a process that actually works for me. I tried pigeon holing myself into working a certain number of hours on certain days and discovered that I am simply not a pigeon. I tried looking for deadlines that would fall in line with when I thought I had something that was submittable. By the way, if you don't have a Submittable account you probably should try it. I got discouraged at my own sorry inability to maintain motivation. Then I went and volunteered at the Vancouver Writer's Festival. Bam! Renewed focus and love of my craft. Riding the tide of this invigoration I have found a process that clicks with my dithering ways. I simply set every Wednesday to be submission day. How I arrive at having that submission ready is unstructured. It is really working for me. I have created new works. I am excited every week. I feel like I have rejoined my own organic flow with the universe. So, keep trying. You will find your own way. I know you can do it.

Peace, love, and joy.

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