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  • Diana Joy

Winter Solstice

The equinoxes are nice, heralding the ebb of Fall and the flow of Spring. The summer solstice is fine, marking the longest daylight of the year. However, it is winter solstice that is really special to me. I love winter. I love snow. We don't have any of it here right now. Well, just a few small smatterings of left over from a wet flurry a while ago. The yoga teacher's kids are freaking out because they have never seen a green Christmas and the old-timers say they have only ever seen two here in their lives. So, as I look at the green in my back yard that should be white, I prepare to welcome the lengthening light. This change seems to me to be the ideal time to reflect on the current year and contemplate the possibilities of the coming one. It seems to me that 2018 has passed faster than any other year of my life. Maybe this is because the older I get, the less time I have left in this marvelous world. So, one must make the most of every day, every opportunity. Love, laugh, kiss, dance, and write, write, write! Write the right and the wrong, the poem and the song, a love letter, a card, an obituary and a birth announcement. Write your story, dear reader.

Peace, love, and joy

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