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  • Diana Joy

Happy Canada Day

I am overwhelmed on this 155th anniversary of Canadian Confederation by the unbelievable luck of my being born in this country. The woman in this photo was not born here but she chose to immigrate here. She is my great grandmother, Emily Eliza. On her lap is one of her 16 children. Four of her sons died in service to this country in World War I, and two more were wounded in World War II. Because of them, and her, I have a safe and happy life with all the time I want to spend in my beautiful garden and here with you. She sacrificed her sons so that I didn't have to sacrifice mine. There are mothers in other parts of the world that are not nearly so fortunate. Canada may still have a lot to learn but as countries go 155 is still infancy so let's all just be kind to ourselves and each other.

Peace, love, and joy


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