• Diana Joy

Lessons Learned (so far) From NaPoWriMo 2019

Writing a poem a day is really hard.

This process does not work for me.

Although, it does force a lot of new material.

Force being the operative word.

It is more effective for me to do two or three poems in a day.

Clear the slate. Clear the mind.

Open the heart. Create an environment in which to create.

I must get quiet inside to make space to welcome the words.

Enjoy it. Relish it. Don’t push it.

Feel it, don’t force it. Let it come.

If I create a space it will find a path.

I must not beat myself up over my work.

I must work with it.

Physical movement is important to the mind.

So is good food, good rest.

Poetry can’t come from an impoverished soul.

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