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  • Diana Joy

Yoga and the Snow

Yoga class resumed today following a five week hiatus over the holidays. Despite heavy snowfall our lovely teacher made it all the way down from Chain Lake and the top floor studio overlooking the Similkameen river was packed. Stiffened bodies left in the undisciplined care of their chocolate eating occupiers part rejoiced and part cringed in anticipation of the return of stretching and strengthening. The monkey mind was difficult to quiet. Bless her sweet heart, Joi exercised kindness leading us through gentle forward folds and plenty of child's pose. The space filled with gratitude as she led us onto our backs about half way through class. Then she said "Now we're going to do some abs". Ouch. There, of course, is always the option to fold back into child's pose instead of following her through the hard stuff, but we are brave chocolate eaters and the whole room rose to the challenge. My body likes me better now. I am filled with gratitude for what it will do for me and for the warm and loving energy that is shared in the studio. I look forward to the gradual return of mental discipline. There is still chocolate in my house, but that's okay too.

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