• Diana Joy


Good Tuesday Readers and Writers! I'm sorry I missed you yesterday, but as it was a semi-holiday, I slacked off. But none of that for the next little while. I am talking about accepting the challenge of National Poetry Writing Month. Yes, one poem a day for the entire month of April, and I will share them all with you, right here. I am excited to use the motivation of NaPoWriMo to generate a bunch of new pieces that I can later revise into finished works. Fiction Writers, think of NaNoWriMo, and imagine publicly sharing that work. Yeah, this is not about the end result. It is about the process. So, bear in mind that these poems will be first drafts, and let's have some fun with it. Regular posts will be suspended for April. The NaPoWriMo posts will each be designated with their dates. Away we go! I'll see you on Friday.

Peace, love, and joy,


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