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  • Diana Joy

Writer's block?

I have been in a slump. I've hardly written a creative word since April (NaPoWriMo, so hard, didn't think I'd get through it). My creative flow gets blocked when I have to extend extra mental effort into survival. Maslow's hierarchy of needs - true that. As a full-time live-in caregiver to my elderly parents, I define my survival as safe, healthy, happy, functioning of the household. This means that my parents medical conditions are stable, I am able to accomplish the daily needs of the household and still have a bit of a life of my own, nobody is yelling, and the cat hasn't made anyone bleed lately (she is a good stress indicator). Oddly enough, I discovered recently that freeing the creative flow meant adding more onto my plate rather than taking some off. I am painting the kitchen cabinets of my sometimes home in Port Coquitlam. It is physical and mental work that uses different muscles than writing does and it has a concrete, seeable, result. The positive vibe is paying off. I'm starting to write again. Just in small ways, like the haiku I shared with you last week (one of my favourite forms). It feels really good, really alive.

Peace, love, and joy,


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