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I lost a friend yesterday. A good friend. Cancer found her and I lost her. She was good and loving and kind and honest. My heart breaks for everyone who love her, and there are many. I am far away from them right now and so have to share my tears only with my cats. Bless the cats. The grief inside me at this time is deep and painful to the point that I could not make myself move this morning, until the work started whispering. "Words", it said. "Use your words". So, here I am using my words to share my sorrowful ache with you. I have deep gratitude for having had Diane in my life. I am a better person for having known her, I'm sure of it. We all die. It is the one thing we all share. Some go too soon. My beautiful friend went too soon. She left her stories in the world. Gratitued. I love you sweetie...

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