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  • Diana Joy

Gotta Love Small Town Living

From the Similkameen Spotlight: Beaver holds up traffic for ten minutes on Princeton's Brown Bridge

I lived in Metro Vancouver for a long time but I can't imagine ever going back, not when I can have this kind of excitement in my life! However, something I do miss about the city is the easy access to an abundance of literary events and live, in person contact with large numbers of fellow writers. Out here I'm pretty sure I couldn't function without the lifeline of the internet. I'm working on solving this problem of lack of cohort. I have a few ideas and I know that there are a bunch of you out there in low population areas that probably have some really great ones. I'll share my ideas here as I work through them and I sure would love it if you would share your ideas too. Contact me by email or, even better, put pen to paper and send me a good old fashioned snail mail letter. And I do mean snail, because, you know, rural.

Peace, love, and joy,


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