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Giving a Reading

Hello Reader. Meet my rehearsal audience. My first chapbook "From the Wet Coast, With Love" will be available any day now. My job, as far as this book is concerned, has moved from writer, to publisher (notice I skipped editor - a word to the wise, don't edit your own stuff - hire a professional), and now to publicist. As I have chosen to self-publish this work I must now do my own marketing. One of the important parts of an author's job is to give readings of the work. I will be doing this in as many locations as I can over the next several months (watch the news and events page for information on dates and locations). It is a part of my job that I really enjoy. That doesn't mean I'm not scared. But, I have learned to use the fear. On the occasion of my very first reading, at Hogan's Alley Cafe, Fred Wah, who was featuring that evening, told me "It's good to be nervous. It keeps the edge in your reading." I am passing these wise words on to you because they have been my salvation every time I have given a reading. If you have a writing group or a reading series that you would like me to read for, please contact me. It is always great to meet a reader.

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