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  • Diana Joy

Snow Angels

The town where I live has a community program called Snow Angels. It recognizes the kindness of those who help neighbours in need with snow clearing. If you want or need to get out of your house around here, snow clearing is important. I just found out today who my snow angel is. He has been snowblowering my driveway for a while now. I reach out the front porch and hand him a bag of cookies. He keeps on snow blowering with one hand while he reaches out to take the cookies with the other, nods thanks, and keeps on going. Today I caught up with him outside while he was gassing up the blower. His name is Al and he is my neighbour from across the road down to the left of the horse barn. He is quiet, humble, even shy. Nobody asked him to do this for me. He just does it because he likes to be outside and he likes to help people. I am far from helpless. I spent two days crawling around underneath my trailer replacing all the heat tape and insulation. But, I sure appreciate his efforts and his kindness. This is community. This is humanity, shining like angels.

Peace, love and joy,


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